#KeepTheLifeline Campaign

3rd September 2021

Newcastle West End FoodBank supports #KeepTheLifeline campaign to keep the £20 increase to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit, which has been a lifeline to households in our city for people struggling to afford the essentials. We are asking for your help to keep the £20 lifeline in place beyond October 2021.

At the start of the pandemic, the UK government recognised that Universal Credit simply did not pay enough to cover the cost of essentials. The additional £20 per week has helped millions of people to keep their heads above water.  The planned cut to Universal Credit payments by £20 a week this October is a devastating blow for millions of households who are already struggling to make ends meet.

The Trussell Trust’s research found the equivalent of more than a million people claiming Universal Credit say they are very likely to need to use a food bank if the cut goes ahead. How must people feel if they worry about putting food on the table, day in and day out?   People who are already caught in impossible situations where their only option is to either feed their children or heat their home will be affected the most if this £20 is withdrawn from their Universal Credit.

Newcastle West End FoodBank is part of the Trussell Trust’s UK wide network of food banks which distributed a staggering 2.5 million food parcels from 2020-2021. In the same period in Newcastle our FoodBank issued 19,000 food parcels to vulnerable people from across the city. The risk is that number will rise without your help to make the government listen to the voice of reason.

There is considerable public support for keeping the £20 a week increase to Universal Credit.  By urging the government to choose to keep the lifeline instead of cutting people adrift we can help ensure fewer people need to use a food bank.  It doesn’t have to be like this. And that is why this October, we are asking the UK government to protect its citizens from hardship when they need support and not to cut them adrift.

Please support the #KeepTheLifeline campaign by writing to your MP.

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