Newcastle West End Foodbank is Recruiting…

10th January 2022

Newcastle West End Foodbank is recruiting for an ‘Organiser and Local Mobilisation Officer’ and we welcome applications from experienced, competent, and compassionate people to join our team.

Our charity was established in 2013 and in the intervening years has provided services to a growing number of people affected by food insecurity and poverty.  The Foodbank is embarking on its next phase of development and wishes to recruit an ‘Organiser and Local Mobilisation Officer’.  Building and leading a volunteer team to develop and deliver local influencing strategies and oversee campaigns for change are essential features of this role.

You will be the link between our Foodbank and the Organising and Local Mobilisation team at Trussell Trust, as we jointly build a movement to end the need for people to use foodbanks. This role will influence change and is a challenging results-based role that requires vision, drive, and a commitment to meaningful change in; policy, practices, attitudes, behaviours, and social perceptions of how poverty affects the lives of vulnerable people. The role will involve stakeholder engagement, organising campaigns and hosting events to deliver the charity’s vision.

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