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Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to celebrate their life.

It can be a great comfort to remember a loved one in this meaningful way, and keep their memory alive. Thank you for thinking of the Trussell Trust at such as sensitive time and for considering donating in such a special way.

Funeral collections

Often people choose to commemorate the life of a loved one by asking for donations rather than flowers at the funeral or memorial service. Most funeral directors will help you collect donations in lieu of flowers, handling the administration for you and passing on the donations to us.

Memorial page

Some people like to raise money in a loved one’s name by setting up a memorial page. JustGiving has made it easy to set up an In Memory page to collect donations for the Trussell Trust. We are always grateful for these special donations. No matter what size, these gifts will help transform the lives of people in crisis all over the UK.

Make a donation in memory


Visit our donations page to make a single or regular gift.

By post

Send your gift via cheque to the address below. Please make cheques payable to the Newcastle West End Food Bank.

The Food Bank Centre
Benwell Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 6LX

We ask anyone who is donating in memory to include their name and address so that we can confirm receipt of their donation. It is also helpful to include the name and address of the deceased to ensure that we can account for all donations made in memory of that individual.

Make your gift worth an extra 25% by Gift Aiding your donation. Download and return a completed Gift Aid Form to us with your cheque.

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