Pathways Out of Hunger

7th September 2019

The core purpose of the food bank is to help people overcome a temporary crisis when they are unable to afford food and they’re missing out on regular meals.

So: our primary role is to provide vulnerable people with food – and we’re dependent on donations to sustain these services in our community.

But our mission does not end there. Working with others, we want to improve the life chances of our clients.

Newcastle West End Food Bank, and a project called  Pathways Out of Hunger,  is keen to help people out of poverty, working with other agencies – “challenging conditions that hinder their potential,” says chief executive John McCorry.

“Our volunteers will work with clients  as part of the Pathways out of Hunger initiative, providing support regularly to help them improve their lives and, ideally, provide people with the means to move beyond the food bank as their circumstances hopefully improve.”

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