Our own kitchen garden

13th September 2019

First the salad leaves. Then the potatoes, beans and courgettes.

Lovely fresh veg is now becoming a regular addition to meals served (on Tuesday and Wednesday)  at our centre in Benwell Lane (the Lillia).

Barbara, a key volunteer and an inspiration behind developing and fund raising for the project, says: “There’s always a lot to do and we’re lucky to have such great volunteers to plant, dig, weed, mow the grass and make nettle fertiliser.”

But ambition does not end there. Applications are now being made for funding for a (polycarbonate) glazed greenhouse to extend the growing season in our garden and provide more veg and fruit for clients. Can you help us with this worthwhile venture? Funding ideas most welcome.

Actually, the garden offers more than fresh food for our kitchen. It’s a place where people, from all backgrounds, work together. It is a social space where everyone is equal, where they share stories, and take collective pride in what is being created.

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