Growing our own food

10th February 2020

We’re sure Henry Dimbleby would love our kitchen garden beside our centre in Benwell Lane, which is fast developing. Last year vegetables grown in our raised beds were used by our volunteer kitchen cooks, who provide hot meals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Barbara, inspiration behind the project, reports that sprouts and cabbages are slowly growing, and – at the time of writing – a few leeks were available. Most of the beds have been cleared, and Barbara says the main job now is to improve the soil with organic matter for the new planting season.

But this is only the start. A new, large and accessible greenhouse is emerging to grow tomatoes and nurture seedlings – generously funded by Newcastle Building Society. It will be covered with polycarbonate glazing, strong and safer than glass.

All in all, well worth a mention in Henry Dimbleby’s report to the government!

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