Newcastle Community Pantry

23rd June 2023

Our charity was set up over a decade ago to tackle the issue of food insecurity across the city region, our most recent initiative is the Newcastle Community Pantry network.

The Pantry operates on a membership based, co-operative model with the aim of providing affordable food to local people within areas of multiple
deprivation. The food sold in the Pantry is sourced from donations and FareShare and members of the Pantry receive around £20 worth of groceries for a membership fee of £5.

As a Foodbank, we are committed to creating a more sustainable food culture in Newcastle and have partnered with Food Newcastle and the Good Food Plan. The Pantry supports this by providing local residents access to a range of nutritious food for a lower cost. The Newcastle Community Pantry currently runs on a Tuesday in Blakelaw, but we hope to create more Pantries across the city region by the end of the year.

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