Our foodbank

Our foodbank opened in March 2013 and is one of the busiest foodbanks in the UK, providing more than 18,000 food parcels annually.

We offer emergency food assistance to people in the west end of Newcastle; which is one of the most economically and socially deprived areas in the North East.

In the majority of cases we are able to support people in overcoming their food crisis after three visits. For those in need of further support, and recognising the unsustainability of handing out food parcels on a regular basis, offer additional support and guidance.

We work in partnership with specialist agencies to help people overcome the often complex underlying problems that have led to them needing the foodbank, such as: household debt, worklessness, risk of homelessness, addiction and not claiming full benefit entitlements.

Our approach has proved successful in helping people break their dependency on the foodbank, re-engage with employment support and encourage social integration within the community.

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